January 4-May 5


Address: West Bottoms Business District Association,
750 Wyoming Street, Kansas City, MO 64102

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Phone: 816.842.4280

Related Organization: West Bottoms Business District Association

About the West Bottoms Historic Entertainment District:

The West Bottoms Historic Entertainment District has more than thirty-five stores in a six-block area.  The first Friday of the month the district has a special West Bottoms First Friday Weekend events - coinciding with the Festival of the Full Moon hosting bands, Food Truck Wine and Dine, and other entertainment and festivities unique to the area. Many of the large, multi-story buildings off the 12th Street Bridge offer several floors of vintage and antique finds and are dog-friendly. The District is the destination for interior decorators and designers, collectors and consumers seeking stylish décor and gift options that are unconventional, with a history and patina that cannot be duplicated.  westbottoms.com 

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