West Bottoms' First Friday WEEKENDS


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Time: Monthly 8:30am - 5pm



Address: 1401 W. 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64102

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Phone: 816-842-4280
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West Bottoms' First Friday Weekend

Each month, First Friday Weekend, there is a fun theme that makes your shopping in the West Bottoms even more fun.

Open in person this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - June 5-7, 2020.  Please social distance and bring a mask for shopping. Thank you.

The area averages around 20,000 visitors this special shopping weekend. Stores have a trove of all things vintage, antique, and unique, story-rich items. The thirteen-block area is the largest indoor, vintage shopping experience in the nation. Many of the West Bottoms’ shops have old books for sale. Increasingly vintage books are used in décor beyond their handsome look on bookshelves. Home décor experts will place books under lamps, or under décor items to add height and interest.

West Bottom’s Shopping – Festival of the Full Moon Weekend
Open Friday through Sunday - Shops Open at 8:30 am closes around 5 pm

Food Truck Wine & Dine - an assortment of delightful savories and sweets lining the streets via Food Trucks

About the West Bottoms Historic Entertainment District:
The West Bottoms Historic Entertainment District, located just off the 12th Street Bridge, has 22 warehouses in a thirteen-block area with approximately 600 vendors and more than 25 stores and restaurants.  Many of the large, multi-story buildings have histories starting over 120 years ago. They have now repurposed this vast space to earn the title of the largest, year-round, indoor vintage and entertainment district. Since 1988, the District is the destination for interior decorators and designers, collectors and consumers seeking stylish décor and gift options with history and patina that cannot be duplicated. The weekend’s street entertainment, food trucks, and bars are all part of the Festival of the Full Moon. Full Moon Escape Rooms add another adventure option in the area.  www.westbottoms.com