Silk and Steel: French Fashion, Women and WWI


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Related Organization: National WWI Museum and Memorial

WWI exploded in the late summer of 1914 and though underrepresented in the histories, women were working hard in war industries, nursing, transportation and fighting for equal rights. The survival of women’s fashion also played an important role in keeping up morale, maintaining ties with allies and even helping war-time economies, especially in France. From the evolution of the war-time silhouette, the influence of military uniforms and post-war emancipation, Silk and Steel: French Fashion, Women and WWI, provides a new chapter of the history of the war at the Museum and Memorial. Exhibition open Sept. 25, 2020 – April 11, 2021 in the Wylie Gallery.

French Fashion, Women, and the First World War was organized by Bard Graduate Center Gallery, New York. An initial iteration of this exhibition called Mode & Femmes 14–18 was presented at the Bibliothèque Forney in Paris by Bibliocité.

The National WWI Museum and Memorial is closed on Mondays from Labor Day to Memorial Day.