New Veggie Detroit-Style Pizza at Minsky's


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Minsky’s Detroit-Style Gourmet Pizza launch was a hit! New this month: Vegetarian Detroit-Style Gourmet Pizza! (Both are also Gluten Free!)

Like the delicious original Detroit Style pizza, Minsky’s veggie option starts with a Detroit-style rectangular pan, baked with a crispy Cheddar cheese and shredded block Wisconsin Mozzarella crust. Unlike the original meat version, the veggie style Detroit Pizza is topped with cherry tomatoes, whipped ricotta cheese, and fresh arugula. The finishing touch – a delicious drizzle of balsamic glaze!

Of course, you can still enjoy the original Detroit-Style Gourmet Pizza – topped with 100% Wisconsin Mozzarella, cupping pepperoni, Italian sausage, and fresh garlic – topped with a generous drizzle of roasted marinara!

Both are a terrific meal for two!

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