GloWild: Around the World


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Region: South KC, Swope Park

Address: 6800 Zoo Drive, Kansas City, MO 64132

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Phone: 816-595-1234
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Related Organization: Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium

The GloWild lantern festival is back this fall with an exciting "Around the World" theme. It will showcase stunning handcrafted steel and silk lanterns representing global landmarks, as well as animals and botanicals from all seven continents. The event will be even grander than before, featuring lanterns towering up to 50 feet tall. With over 74 tons of steel and more than 940,000 feet of silk, the intricate works have been meticulously crafted by 151 artisans.

Presented in collaboration with Zigong Lantern Group, the festival will transform the Kansas City Zoo into a mesmerizing spectacle of illuminated sculptures. Visitors can follow a one-mile route through the zoo, encountering lanterns with interactive elements and captivating designs. From September 29 to December 30, guests can enjoy various amenities such as photo opportunities, concessions, shopping, and entertainment along the way.

The lantern festival runs from September 29 through December 30, an operating calendar can be found here:

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