Chained to the Sky: The Science of Birds, Past & Future


Recurring Weekly
Time: 10am-5pm Mon.-Fri., 10am-2pm Second Sat.


Region: South Plaza, Midtown

Address: 5109 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64111

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Related Organization: Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering, and Technology

Visit this free exhibition November 10, 2023 through April 26, 2024. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

For millennia, humans have been fascinated by birds. We have admired their beauty, hunted and raised them for food, used their feathers for decoration, and kept them as pets. But our connection has also put them under threat. Habitat loss, climate change, and invasive species are taking a toll on bird populations. And as birds disappear, we lose not only a source of beauty and wonder, but also important pollinators and pest controllers. 

With rare books from the Library's History of Science collection and bird specimens on loan from the Field Museum of Natural History, Chained to the Sky tells the story of our relationship with birds, from our earliest ancestors to the present day. It also explores the threats facing birds today and what we all can do to protect them. 

West Gallery
Trace the history of ornithological studies from early scientists and artists describing and classifying birds to today’s biologists working in laboratory and field.

West Gallery Alcove
Explore the landmark works of John James Audubon and Charles Darwin that continue to inspire and inform our place in the natural world.

East Gallery
Discover the threats facing birds today and what science and the public can do to protect them.

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