Basement KC Escape Room



West Bottoms

Address: 1600 W 8th St., Kansas City, MO 64101

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Phone: (866) 993-7227

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Hours: Mon-Wed: Closed | Thurs: 5pm-10pm | Fri: 5pm-12pm | Sat: 2pm-12pm | Sun: 2pm-11pm

America's TOP RATED Escape Room, The Basement, is now open in Kansas City. You will work with your team as you interact with professionally trained live actors to collect clues and solve puzzles in your attempt to escape the manor of Edward Tandy. The Basement KC features two of the top escape rooms in the country, The Basement and The Study. In The Basement, you have been captured by Edward Tandy and he has locked you in his deceased mother's basement, where he has put together a sort of game to determine who among us are worthy of living. In The Study you have survived Edward's basement and have broken into his personal study. However, this is no longer a game, and you must escape his actual house before the clock runs out.