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Sep 23

Kansas City's American Royal - 2014 Events

The first day of Autumn has arrived which means one of the our city's great traditions is about arrive as well!

Sep 03

Kansas City Celebrates at Union Station

Union Station opened and was dedicated on October 30, 1914.

May 08

10 KC Barbecue Mash-Ups You Gotta Taste to Believe

Barbecue is a way of life in Kansas City. So much so that even non-barbecue establishments have gotten into the act, coming up with cool ways to serve our classic ‘cue.

Oct 10

“The belly rules the mind.”

So says the Spanish proverb. But if you’re a bachelor like me, sometimes “the belly” comes second to “the wallet.” Or heck, even “the schedule.” So you gotta leap at those few-and-far-between moments when you can eat both well and cheap.

Sep 08

Where can a guy get a burger at this hour?

One thing was for sure. When I moved to Kansas City, I’d be going to Town Topic.

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