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May 07

How to Start and Finish the KC Tap Tour in Less than a Month

Although daunting, sampling beer at 19 different area breweries in less than a month can be done—and enjoyed! All it takes is a little pre-planning and a craft beer-happy attitude.

Jul 14
Somerset Ridge

Delicious Local Ciders to Try in Kansas City

Several local brewers and winemakers are applying their craft to the production of hard cider. Demand for small-batch craft beer, wine and spirits has steadily grown in recent years.

Jan 14

5 Cool Things To Do During a KC Winter

For many, winter in Kansas City is their favorite season of the year! Rain nor thundersnow could keep guest blogger Alyssa Murfey from creating a list of a few of her most favorite things do when it's time to trade those sandals for snow boots.

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