Winter Drinks and Dishes in Kansas City

January 2, 2019


Once the New Year’s Eve streamers have fallen and holiday fun has ended, venture beyond the confines of your home or hotel to sample winter drinks and dishes that are sure to keep you warm during the cooler months in Kansas City.

The Dude Abides from Monarch Coffee


Monarch Coffee might just be Kansas City’s most photogenic hotspot, from the trendy interior to hand-crafted espresso drinks.

During winter, swing by to order The Dude Abides, a Big Lebowski-inspired delight made from El Salvadorian espresso, toasted walnut spice syrup, cream and hickory smoke.

Lobster Bisque at Bristol


Creamy and savory, there’s hardly a more warming dish than lobster bisque.

Perfect as a starter or a meal, try Bristol’s in either the Power & Light District or Leawood for a take on the classic soup that’s packed with fresh flavor.

Chamomile Whiskey Cider at McLain’s Market


Between delicious pastries, cookies and cakes, McLain’s Market is also beloved for its caffeinated drink menu.

Order the chamomile whiskey cider at the Overland Park location to take your taste buds on a trip to somewhere toasty; as the shop puts it, the concoction resembles “warm cuddles by the fire.”

Lasagne al Forno at Jasper’s


Jasper’s is a long-celebrated Italian restaurant that’s been serving classic and upscale dishes since 1954.

Among the many favorites on the menu, the lasagne al forno is a crowd favorite that combines lasagna noodles layered with ricotta and Italian sausage, all topped with tomato sauce and baked to perfection.

Red Wine Hot Cocoa at The Mockingbird Lounge


With a welcoming atmosphere and friendly faces in abundance, KCK hangout The Mockingbird Lounge is an ideal getaway during chilly winter months.

Order a red wine hot cocoa for a tremendous spin on an old standby, featuring Amigoni Urban Winery grapes and Bizz and Weezy chocolate. 

Beef Phở from Vietnam Café


Unassuming yet wholly fulfilling, Vietnam Café is a bustling spot in Columbus Park known for its incredible, authentic phở offerings.

The traditional rice noodle soup features a complex broth served with bean sprouts, limes, jalapenos, basil and cilantro. Order the Pho Bo to enjoy slices of eye of round beef with all the above.

Pumpkin Bourbon Donuts at The Russell


Warm and toasty thanks to the crackling cooking flame behind the counter, The Russell touts tasty treats and fire-roasted meals in Midtown.

Either on the go or sticking around, pick up the restaurant’s pumpkin bourbon donuts to savor the harvest flavors of fall.

Georgian Pork & Beef Soup Dumplings at The Antler Room


Neighborhood haunt The Antler Room is one of KC’s most popular and highly touted restaurants.

Chili vinegar and chives accompany the artfully prepared Georgia pork & beer soup dumplings, which are as hearty as they are comforting.

Winterbock from Kansas City Bier Co.


In addition to its solid stable of year-round beers, award-winning brewer Kansas City Bier Co. offers exciting seasonal brews, such as the Winterbock.

A dark doppelbock lager, this German-style beer was a silver medal winner at the 2018 World Beer Cup, tastes of chocolate, coffee, caramel and molasses and offers a smooth finish. Find it on tap or in bottles at the brewer’s Bierhalle or throughout the city.