For nearly forty years the Kansas City Renaissance Festival has been a Midwest tradition. This year I was excited to experience it myself for the very first time. I drove up from Omaha, Nebraska for the occasion and couldn’t wait to see what they day had in store for me.

Almost immediately after entering the festival I heard lots of cheering and stumbled upon a large parade. There was dancing and music and mini-performances by all the acts at the Renaissance festival. It was a great way for me to check out everything the festival offered and decide what I wanted to make sure I saw that day. The festival is big and I quickly learned it’s hard to see everything in one visit so I prioritized from what I saw at the parade.

Renassisance Festival Parade

After having fire blown right in front of my face I knew I needed to check out the Tricks of the Light show. It’s a fire and comedy show that blew me away with their daredevil stunts. I love how they involved the audience and made it kid and adult friendly.


Right around the corner from where Tricks of the Light performs is a bawdy pirate show called Bawdily Harm. This is not a family friendly show but it is absolutely hysterical. I sang along with the rowdy pirates and laughed like crazy.


As someone who likes Kings and Queens and knights in shining armor, the jousting event was a must-see. The knights perform lots of horse tricks and compete to win their King’s favor. The audience was encouraged to pick knights to cheer on. While I picked a losing knight a girl next to me cheered for the winner and ended up being rewarded with tokens of his appreciation: flowers!


All the excitement of the day worked up my appetite. I was so excited to finally get to try a turkey leg. I felt like I was transported back in time as I ate with my hands right off the bone. While I can’t say I’ll make this a regular meal it was a very cool experience that I think everyone should try at least once. At the Renaissance Festival it was incredibly affordable and there were lots of other food options for people with different taste buds. My vegetarian husband was able to find lots of delicious options. And we heard great things about the beer and wine tastings!

My favorite memory from the Renaissance Festival came while I was wandering around eating my turkey leg. I was looking for somewhere to sit and eat and found a cluster of chairs. Once I sat down and looked up I noticed I was right in front of a stage where a performance was about to start. I was treated to a truly incredible performance by the Dublin Harpers, a family of six that travels the world making music together.


My day at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival was such a fun one. I loved that I never knew what cool costume, food stand (they had cronuts!), or spontaneous performance I might run into next. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an October weekend I highly recommend checking out the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Your adventure awaits!

Erin is the blogger behind Her Heartland Soul, a lifestyle blog focused on the joys of putting down roots in the Midwest. Erin is a Marketing professional that lives with her husband and cat in Omaha, Nebraska. She loves to travel the world, eat good food, wear pretty dresses, and document it all on her blog.

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