Craft beer drinkers, get ready to put in some extra recreational time for a visit to Double Shift Brewing Company. Check out yet another new Kansas City craft brewery in the Crossroads.

Double Shift owner and brewer Aaron Ogilvie made the commitment to opening a brewery in downtown, sensing that strong local support for craft brewing and KC’s startup culture made the timing right. He didn’t want to delay his dream any longer.

“The opportunity might not be there twenty years down the road,” says Ogilvie. “People here are ready for more breweries. It gives you an incentive.”

Double Shift refers to Ogilvie’s dual role as brewery owner and firefighter. He worked full-time at the Leawood fire department for four years. Ogilvie has also spent many hours on the “second shift” to get the brewery operational. His introduction to brewing began six years ago and led him on this exciting path.

Aaron Ogilvie

Ogilvie, a Kansas State University, learned to brew from friends while in college. He stuck with the hobby, taking time to develop recipes and refine his craft after graduating. Two years ago, he decided to open a brewery and began planning.

Back in 2013, he wrote, refined and vetted a business plan over a five-month span through entrepreneurial programs at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Kauffman Foundation. Ogilvie devoted two months to lining up investors. He has four silent partners in the venture. Finding the 2,500-square-foot building that would house the brewery became an exhaustive eight-month search.

Ogilvie found an ideal location in the Crossroads with ample foot traffic near neighbors Border Brewing and Torn Label Brewing. Torn Label, a production brewery that opened in December 2014, also opens its taproom on July 11th for the first time. Brewery Emperial is anticipated to also open near the eastern end of 18th Street of the Crossroads in late 2015.

The brewery includes a tap room with a spacious bar and six taps. Ogilvie plans to brew up to 250 barrels (bbl) in the first year and gradually increase production to 1,000 bbl per year.

Double Shift will offer five in-house beers and a rotating selection on the sixth tap. The roster includes Summer Session White IPA, Run-Around Rye Ale, Heavyweight Double IPA, Hayloft Saison and 18th Street Pale Ale.

Ogilvie describes his brewing approach as “traditional but in a 21st century way.” For instance, he adds hops to wit and rye malt to pale ale for added spiciness and aroma.

When asked about his favorite beer among the portfolio, Ogilvie opted for his White IPA Summer Session.

“It's refreshing, easy to drink, a perfect summer beer,” Ogilvie says. “Of the five beers we will be rolling out, it has taken me the longest to get it where I want it.”

Photo by Pete Dulin. Graphics courtesy of Double Shift Brewing Co.

Freelance writer Pete Dulin writes about food, craft beer, business and the best of Kansas City for area publications. His books, KC Ale Trail and Last Bite: 100 Recipes from Kansas City’s Best Chefs and Cooks, are available at, where Pete also documents his culinary travel adventures.

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