Not all who are rooting for the Royals are KC natives! Guest blogger Amanda Graor shares how the Royals have become her adopted hometown team. As a Kansas City transplant, I often struggle with who to root for. I moved to the city nearly 8 years ago from Detroit and have certainly settled in. I’ve had season tickets to Sporting KC for years – that’s an easy one with no Detroit equivalent. But when it comes to baseball, the longer I’ve lived here, the more I’ve fallen in love with the Royals! While the Tigers will always be my hometown team, the Royals have become my “adopted home” team. The excitement last year when the Royals were on the cusp of the playoffs spilled over into this season, and I am thrilled that Kansas City is getting ready to experience the World Series for the first time since 1985! There are few things that bring a city together better than celebrating the success of their sports teams and the spirit of the postseason so far has been incredible, from watching games together in the Power and Light district to sharing hugs and high fives at bars and restaurants across the metro when the boys in blue are playing away.
I’m also a sucker for a great t-shirt, and this playoff run is bringing designers out of the woodwork with clever new designs and updates on retro gear that is enough to make even a casual baseball fan sport their new Royals (or perhaps just Kansas City-related) apparel around town. As the national spotlight shines on us during this World Series, I am proud to call it my home and share all that it has to offer with those getting their first glimpses into the spirit of Kansas City!
Amanda Graor (@angraor) is a CrossFitting, coffee-guzzling downtown resident whose various activities find her in different parts of the country on a regular basis. Her day job is as the Air Quality Program Manager at the Mid-America Regional Council, but you can also find her enjoying downtown KC walking her dog or kicking around a soccer ball.
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