News flash: the Kansas City Royals are in the World Series! If you somehow missed one of the biggest sports stories in local history, it’s hard not to notice the blue fever that’s swept through Kansas City, touching everything from fountains and buildings to clothing and food (yes, food). This is a momentous time for our fair city. And to help keep the celebration going, we’ve picked a few of our favorite Royals-themed Instagram snapshots. Trust us—after checking these out, you’ll feel anything but blue! Who needs beaches and oceans when you have these gorgeous blue fountains?
Photo by @kumiker

The Royals in the World Series—not a bad belated present for Union Station’s 100th birthday, right? 
Photo by @bigricky818

The World Series has returned to Kauffman Stadium. Anyone else still have goosebumps?
Photo by @forrestgumpofbaseball

Cheers to you, Royals!
Photo by @rudystenampakc

Now this is why it’s so cool to play baseball in October!
Photo by @BTBurch

The Royals love is spreading coast to coast … literally! 
Photo by @caracowsert

Even our grass is getting in the spirit. That’s what we call dedication!
Photo by @ellensayshola

Kansas City, we’ve got to tell you—you’ve never looked more beautiful. 
Photo by @alexandertripp

Good news, Kansas City—the party’s just getting started! Keep sharing your Instagram photos using #instakc and show us how you and your city are supporting our favorite boys in blue. Go Royals! Are you capturing the Blue Fever that's sweeping Kansas City? Add the #instakc tag to your pics! We'll be featuring more as the World Series continues!
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