Both working and playing and playing on both sides of the border, Matt Eyman shares a few things you need to know about being in Kansas City: 10 Things You Need to Know About Kansas City… 1. Yes, we’re in both Kansas and Missouri, but we’ve grown to accept that people will confuse the two. Unless you’re a musician onstage in Missouri and say “Thank you, Kansas!” Then you should prepare to get booed offstage. 2. They’re delicious and may get all the national press, but there’s plenty of great barbecue that isn’t Oklahoma Joe’s. Try Woodyard or RJ’s or Danny Edward’s. rye3. And there’s food that’s not even BBQ at all! The American Restaurant has been home to THREE James Beard Award-winners (Best Chef - Midwest). Check out their new digs: Michael Smith is at Extra Virgin and Celina Tio serves at  Julian and Collection.  And don’t forget Colby Garrelts of Bluestem and Rye, who took the award in 2013. Alyssa54. Thanks to schools like the Kansas City Art Institute, employers like Hallmark, and a cost of living that allows artists to actually live, the KC art scene is huge! First Fridays is an obvious starting point, but head east of Grand Boulevard for edgier works and fewer suburban tourists. Oh, and on that night, Christopher Elbow chocolates are only $1. You’re welcome. 5. Boulevard Brewing Co, we love you. However, it’s time we also paid attention to the new kids on the block. From the strictly reinheitgebot beers from Kansas City Bier Company to the mad-scientist creativity of Big Rip Brewing Company, there’s something for everybody. IMG_14026. Power and Light didn’t kill Westport. Proof? Westport Cafe & Bar, Beer Kitchen, Port Fonda, Julep, Ça Va, Bridger’s, and many many more. It’s the best damn food and drink district in the city. 7. Speaking of Westport, Middle of the Map Fest is just getting better and better and deserves more of a national spotlight. Just embrace the fact that you’ll never get to see all of the bands on your MOTM wishlist. Prioritize. And hydrate. Dancing and rocking out will work up a thirst. SportingKC_004_AA8. Sports teams: Being a fan of The Royals or The Chiefs can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but Sporting KC has been a huge success and officially turned KC into a soccer town! 9. We have great food trucks, and the powers-that-be need to quit making their lives so difficult. Might I suggest you grab nachos from Indios Carbonsitos, crawfish mac & cheese from Beauty of the Bistro, a roast beef sandwich from Monk’s, a hotdog with the works from Detroit Coney or jambalaya from Cajun Cabin? skyline (2)10. We need to quit trying to be the next Austin. Or Portland. Or Chicago. It’s time we start being proud of how awesome and unique a place Kansas City already is.   Capture More About Matt:  Community Manager, Yelp Kansas City. Lover of tacos. Drinker of whiskey. Drinker of coffee. Drinker of craft beer. Concert junkie. Would-be gardener.  Master of Karate… and friendship!

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