May, and National Hamburger Month, are both coming to a close this week! #KC has been getting attention for our barbecue for ages, but our burgers are making Best Of lists as well! Guest blogger Matt Eyman recommends 5 tasty burgers to add to your must-eat-this-burger list. I've got good news and bad news. Bad news is we’re into the final days of National Hamburger Month and I’m willing to bet you haven’t properly celebrated. The good news? With 5 days remaining in May, there’s still enough time to try all of my favorite Kansas City burgers – and even go back for seconds! First, some rules – or actually, one rule: Burgers are made of meat. I’m sure that there are plenty of restaurants out there that mash black beans and falafel into quite the palatable patty, but for the sake of my stomach – and thus for MY writing – burgers are made of tasty, tasty animals. And with that, my favorite burgers in Kansas City: beer ktichenBeer KitchenThe Smokestack Sure, this list is arranged alphabetically, but I’ll still call out The Smokestack as my hands-down favorite burger in KC. The patty is topped with better burnt ends than I’ve found in many Kansas City BBQ shacks. Rounding things out? Smoked gouda, whisky BBQ glaze, chipotle aioli and crispy jalapeño straws. If you haven’t yet eaten this burger, you really need to question your dedication to being a carnivore. brgrBRGR KC Butcher The burger (sorry, BRGR) itself is a mix of Omega 3 chuck and short rib, but then they do it one better by topping it with hangar steak. There’s caramelized onions and roasted garlic, plus a horseradish cream cheese that has just the right amount of kick. Oh, and then they throw on an unnaturally large onion ring to make sure that it can’t properly fit into your mouth. I say, “Challenge accepted.” jaconsbnThe JacobsonThe Jacobson Whoa, fancy! If you’re going to name a burger after your restaurant, you want to pull out all the stops, and that The Jacobson did! Topped with short rib marmalade and bone marrow butter, every time I take a bite I feel like I should check in with my portfolio manager. Then I remember that I don’t have a portfolio manager and go back to my meal. louisLouie’s Wine Dive Rise & Shine Burger Angus beef is encrusted in ground coffee and then topped with an over-easy egg, applewood-smoked bacon and maple aioli. Served with a side of fries that are great for sopping up the rogue egg yolk. This meal pairs perfectly with bottomless mimosas and the decision to blow off your diet and the rest of your day’s responsibilities. town topicTown TopicBacon Double Cheeseburger Every single out-of-town guest I’ve ever had has ended up at Town Topic. They’ve been slinging out diner food since 1937, and I’m pretty sure some of these people have been working there since the beginning. Sure their thin-press patties have no frills, but that’s what some might call that “classic”. While good anytime, to be truly appreciated, this burger is definitely at it’s best around 3:00am.
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