Gift-giving can get a bit monotonous. So to spice things up, we scoured local museums and shops for gifts which will remind your friends and family of Kansas City. Try a few of these out this holiday season ...
Shuttlecock ornament
  1. Shuttlecock Ornament  |  Standing 18 feet tall, the world’s largest shuttlecocks decorate the lawn of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Decorate your tree with this appropriately sized replica.  • $24.95, 4525 Oak St.
  2. Elephant Masterpieces  |  Three elephants at the Kansas City Zoo create these “pachyderm paintings” for enrichment purposes. Instead of a Picasso, you could own an original, trunk-painted piece courtesy of Lady, Lois or Leah. • Starting at $25, 6800 Zoo Dr.
  3. KC Monarchs Throwback Cap  |  2012 is the year of baseball in KC. Show your support for Negro Leagues heroes with this replica wool cap. • $14.99, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, 1616 E. 18th St.  
  4. Money Bag  |  A big hit with kids, every visitor at the Federal Reserve Money Museum walks away with a complimentary bag of shredded currency—$165 worth. Talk about a priceless souvenir.  • Free, 1 Memorial Dr.
  5. Dave Chihuly Artwork  |  Three pieces by the famous glass artist are on display at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Splurge and take home one of his smaller studio editions, on sale in the museum shop.  • Prices vary, 4420 Warwick Blvd.
  6. ‘The Buck Stops Here’ Sign  |  Decorate your desk just as President Truman did in 1945 with this infamous sign. The inscription serves as a fitting reminder of Truman’s decisiveness and accountability. • $60, Truman Library & Museum, Independence, Mo.
  7. Butterfly Art  |  While butterflies live for only a few short weeks, now their beauty can last forever with this Powell Gardens souvenir. This line of framed art features winged creatures from the gardens’ popular Festival of Butterflies. • $25, Kingsville, Mo.
  8. Pebbles from Jesse James Gravesite  |  The most interesting souvenir at the James Farm Museum is also the most affordable. After his death, Jesse’s mother gave tours and sold pebbles from the outlaw’s grave for a quarter each. When she ran out, she’d simply go down to the creek and fetch some more.  • Still just 25 cents, Kearney, Mo.
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