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Best Burgers in Kansas City

By Taylor Engler, KCParent.com

Your Guide to the Best Burgers in Kansas City! From Gourmet Burgers to Classics, Veggie Burgers to Local Ingredients, and much more... we have the inside scoop on the best KC has to offer!  There are several spots around Kansas City that offer of the best of the best burgers all year round. So take a night off of the grill and let someone else do the cooking.

These are Kansas City’s top burgers (according to KCParent.com).

Best Gourmet Burger

  • Blanc Burgers + Bottles - www.BlancBurgers.com
  • If you’re looking for a burger that goes beyond your simple patty, lettuce, tomato, bun combination, search no further than Blanc Burgers + Bottles. Named the best burger joint in Missouri by Food Network Magazine, Blanc has unique burgers to satisfy any craving. The Inside-Out Burger is stuffed with blue-cheese and topped with bacon while the Au Poivre Burger has green peppercorn sauce and watercress. Visit multiple times to try all this updated burger joint has to offer.

Best Classic Kansas City Burger

  • Winsteads - www.WinsteadsKC.com
  • Winstead’s has been a Kansas City staple since 1940. Perfecting the steakburger for generations, Winstead’s serves up flattened patties with crisp crusts of ground steak. Try it with a signature milkshake for a real diner experience.

Best Burger Franchise

  • Five Guys and Frieswww.FiveGuys.com
  • Five Guys stands out from other fast food joints because their burgers, while classically juicy and greasy, are made to order in front of you with topping choices such as jalapenos and grilled mushrooms that go beyond chain store burger choices. The simple menu focuses on burgers, hot dogs and fries so the basics are done to perfection.

Best Vegetarian Burger

  • The Foundry at McCoy’s - www.foundrykc.com
  • Lettuce-lovers need a burger too and when the flat frozen patties from the grocery store don’t cut it, the Mean Joe Green from The Foundry at McCoy’s is the “beefed-up” version – handmade of black beans, peppers onion and garlic and topped with avocado and chipotle mayo. It’s a healthy alternative for all kinds of eaters.

Best Burger to Turn a Vegetarian into a Carnivore

  • Westport Flea Market www.WestportFleaMarket.com
  • One fan told us her year-long stint as a vegetarian ended as soon as she laid eyes on a burger at Westport. This juicy burger is for the biggest of beef eaters and has been consistently voted the best in all kinds of KC burger contests for the past 22 years. The 10 ounce McGonigle’s chuck burger will have you drooling for more and the side of curly fries is the perfect addition.

Best Green Burger

  • Local Burger - www.LocalBurger.com
    Make the short trip to Lawrence for burgers that have the smallest impact on the environment. Local burger considers the way their meat is raised and insures their food is free of additives and preservatives for the healthiest, freshest burgers you can find. Everything down to the cheese and potatoes is locally grown to support your Kansas farmers.

Best Turkey Burger

  • Ingredient - www.IngredientRestaurant.com
  • If red meat isn’t your thing and the veggie burger just won’t do, there’s a middle man alternative in Ingredient’s Honey Wasabi Turkey Burger. Part American bistro, part pan-Asian, this burger is delightful light fare with a twist.

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