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Going Green in Kansas City

Did you know?  Kansas City is one of the 25 most green cities in the nation according to National Geographic's Green Guide.

KC Green Travel Guide

Below is a list of KC area businesses that are promoting green initiatives. Please check back, we will continue to update this section as more green initiatives are submitted to us.


Kansas City Renaissance Festival

  • Recycling plastic, cardboard and aluminum with the help of Deffenbaugh and Smurfit Stone Recycling and Bridging the Gap.
  • Anticipates about 23,400 pounds of recyclables annually.
  • Uses about 150,000 plastic bottles each year.
  • Recycles all leftover programs and ticket stubs.
  •  Trys to water its 16 acre site efficiently in the evening.
  • Reuses all wood materials whenever possible.
  • Each year the festival orders 1,000 hay bails that they then compost or give to local farmers instead of dumping 75,000 pounds of biodegradable material.

Kansas City Irish Festival

  • Partnered with Bridging the Gap and Kansas City Power & Light to promote green living.
  • Recycles more than 1,000 cubic feet of un-compacted cans/bottles during the three day festival.
  • A clearly-marked recycling container is next to every trash can.
  • Volunteers handout are positioned throughout the festival grounds handing our materials  on how to make life “greener.”

Jackson County Historical Society

  •  Recycles all of its paper waste (office paper; cardboard; paperboard), metal cans and plastic bottles that patrons/staff/volunteers have used and discarded.
  • Purchases copy paper made from recycled paper.

Grand Street Café

  • Purchases fresh produce from local distributors
  • Maintaines a herb garden on its premises
  • The restaurant's gardener tries to use organic practices as much as possible.

Blue Bird Bistro

  • Purchases its food from local organic farmers.
  • This includes fresh produce, all natural meats, free range chickens, cage free eggs and more.
  • The restaurant prides itself on purchasing organic, all natural, sustainable and local.
  • In keeping with their commitment to the environment, the restaurant also recycles as much as they can.


The Q Hotel & Spa

  • Features a nationally recognized environmental plan
  • In-room recycling
  • Green Seal-approved cleaning products
  • Flow-restricting shower heads
  • Re-usable utensils, cups and plates
  • Energy efficient water/electrical devices
  • A Hybrid shuttle vehicle and the availability of guest bicycles are just five items of our 38-point 'green' plan.
  • This plan has been received and accepted by the prestigious

Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center

  • The hotel has a green team made up of member from all divisions of the hotel.
  • Energy management system (EMS) are in place to fully automate systems in the hotel.
  • This includes heating & cooling, lighting (both interior & exterior), domestic hot water, boilers, pumps, exhaust fans, even the colored lighting and fountain scenes in the lobby fountain.
  • Energy usage is tracked on a daily basis.
  • The lighting system has been changed out to energy efficient lighting where possible.
  • The hotel uses specially designed low flow shower heads, sink aerators and low flow flush valves are used to generate maximum water efficiency.
  • Purchases products that can be recycled.
  • Purchases recycled products.
  • The hotel recycles cooking oil, waste oil, florescent lamps, computer monitors, batteries, white paper, solvents, all metals, linen, towels, phone books, wooden pallets, used hotel furnishings and equipment.

Unity Village

  • Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center has been certified Silver by LEED
  • One of the only hotels in the country to achieve a LEED certification


American Heartland Theatre

  • Provides recycling for all office staff.
  • Recycling efforts includes all newspapers, magazines, general paper, glass, and plastic.
  • Provides a water cooler to cut down on the bottles of water brought to the work place.
  • Recycles programs.
  • Uses energy efficient bulbs wherever possible.
  • Trys to effectively manage its cooling and heating system when the building is not in use.

Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre

  • Incorporates reduce-reuse-recyle practices into the operation of the theatre.
  • Recycles scenery in the course of making its plays.
  • Regularly incorporates green choices in scene design.


Kansas City Convention Center – Grand Ballroom

  • The new 46,480-square-foot Grand Ballroom is built around numerous energy saving tactics.
  • The building meets LEED Green Building Rating System Silver criteria.
  • The facility utilizes waterless plumbing fixtures.
  • The use of natural light was a key element in the design highlighted by its energy-efficient day-lighting system.
  • The green building also features an energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center

  • The 37,000 square foot urban conservation education center features Integrated Green Design by BNIM Architects.
  • The solar aquatic wastewater treatment plant called "The Living Machine" processes all human wastes on site.
  • The building is heated and cooled by 16 geothermal heat pumps connected to 84 geothermal wells under the parking lot.
  • The use of natural light and high efficiency lighting energy-efficient day-lighting system.
  • Nine acres of "Grow Native" urban demonstration gardens, in partnership with Powell Gardens, feature native plants.
  • Parking lot features bios wale retention basins to reduce storm water run-off.

Missouri Welcome Center (KC Area)

  • New energy efficient heating and cooling systems installed in 2007.
  • The facility utilizes auto-flush toilets with controlled water flow.
  • The facility utilizes natural light with 2-walls of ceiling to floor windows.
  • The facility recycles all cardboard cartons, office paper, and out-dated information materials.
  • Energy efficient fluorescent lighting.

City of Kansas City, MO

  • Any City of Kansas City, Missouri construction project has to be built to LEED silver standard.
  • The new ballroom is LEED silver.
  • The convention center has an energy performance program that has saved 1.6 million in energy per year for the last 8 years.

Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation

  • Launched Nature First, a “grow native” landscape program to remove turf and plant native grasses and forbs. Six locations on 26 acres have been prepared and planted to-date.
  • This program provides a diverse habitat, improved stabilization of soil, reduced erosion, reduced pollution with no mowing, and restoration and preservation of natural landscapes.
  • Actively participating in the 10,000 Rain Gardens program which calls upon citizens, businesses and organizations to voluntarily reduce the amount of runoff that pollutes our waterways by planting raingardens. A raingarden is included in the landscaping of the new Southeast Community Center in Swop Park and one has been installed at Tracy Arts Park Facility to capture and reduce runoff into the nearby Indian Creek Trail.
  • Adopted a policy of implementing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards in all new construction as well as giving consideration to the same in significant renovation projects.
  • Kansas City Parks and Recreation is a partner in a regional planning initiative, Green Infrastructure, to prioritize conservation opportunities and provide a planning framework for conservation and development.
  • Green Infrastructure seeks to integrate roles of parks, trails, open spaces, transportation, stormwater management and related development into a sustainable infrastructure that is environmentally responsive. This approach is being used to connect environmental, social, and economic health across urban, suburban, and rural settings.

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